Telkomsat as a subsidiary of TelkomGroup which manages the satellite business, has the trust in meeting the transponder service needs of Tangara Mitrakom as a subsidiary of Emtek Group which has a TV broadcasting media company consisting of SCTV, Indosiar,O-Channel, Mediatama (NexParabola), Friday (24/7).

Tangara Mitrakom, which operates as a satellite communication network provider, appoints Telkomsat in providing broadcasting solutions that can distribute television broadcasts to the public using Merah Putih Satellite and Telkom 3S.

The cooperation agreement has been implemented for the next five years and starting from June 1, 2020. The signing of the cooperation contract was carried out by the Commercial Director of Telkomsat – Puguh Indaryono and the Director of Tangara Mitrakom – Johan Susanto and witnessed by the CEO Enterprise Business TelkomGroup – Edi Witjara, CEO Telkomsat – Endi Fitri Herlianto, President Director of EMTEK Group – Sutanto Hartono, Director of EMTEK Group – Yuslinda Nasution and CEO of Mediatama (Nex Parabola) – Junus Koswara, which took place at the Telkom Landmark Tower Building, 21st Floor, Jakarta.

According to CEO Enterprise Business TelkomGroup – Edi Witjara, “Emtek Group has chosen the right business partner in building synergy, because Telkomsat is one of the leading satellite players in Asia, which until now has operated 3 satellites well, namely Telkom 2 satellite, Telkom 3S and Merah Putih Satellites”.

In addition, Managing Director of Telkomsat – Endi Fitri Herlianto, revealed that the need for satellite telecommunications in Indonesia will continue to increase in line with broadcasting needs. Because the country of Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of thousands of islands. And, only satellite services can meet telecommunications needs even in remote areas.

Merah Putih Satellite and Telkom 3S are satellites in premium slots, making it ideal for distributing telecommunications services throughout Indonesia with reliable and quality. This satellite is controlled by experienced HR at the Cibinong Main Control Station which is the largest Satellite Control Center in Indonesia and is in realtime backed up by the Banjarmasin Backup Control Station.

The Telkomsat collaboration with Emtek Group began on July 16, 2020, where a Joint Planning Session was held to explore opportunities for further collaboration, including Maritime Service Cooperation, Teleport Cooperation and Virtual Network Operators VSAT.