Satellite Based

Service for customers who use satellite-based networks

Terrestrial Based

Services for customers who use a terrestrial-based network

Internet Based

Dedicated Internet access services using a variety of access channel facilities available

Power Systems

Power Solution is the ability to: store, create and save energy


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Signing of Cooperation on Provision of Satellite Transponder Leases Telkomsat & Tangara Mitrakom

Telkomsat as a subsidiary of TelkomGroup which manages the satellite business, has the trust in meeting the transponder service needs of Tangara Mitrakom as a subsidiary of Emtek Group which […]

Tangara Seminar 2021 “Moving Forward through Increased Productivity, Performance and Efficiency”

On Wednesday, 10 February 2021 PT Tangara Mitrakom again held the video conference webinar, carries the theme “Moving Forward through Increased Productivity, Performance and Efficiency” which discusses the latest information […]

Tangara Webinar 2020 “Tantangan Efisiensi Pemanfaatan Jaringan VSAT dan Terrestrial di Masa New Normal”

In order to provide the latest information about VSAT IP, IoT, M2M and SD Wan services from Tangara Mitrakom, Tangara Mitrakom held a webinar with the theme “Tantangan Efisiensi Pemanfaatan […]