PT Tangara Mitrakom provide the right services and integrated solutions always to meet the needs communications industries and companies to remote areas. PT Tangara Mitrakom ensures service of connectivity from one location to another smoothly, thus helping the company save operational costs for transportation needs. Good communication in the company of course will also have a positive impact on business continuity of the company. With experience in the field of providing IT and Data Communication Solutions as well as the infrastructure that we have made PT Tangara Mitrakom excel in the provision of infrastructure services reliable, innovative features of quality and supported with customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is an optical fiber-based network infrastructure that provides stability and an efficient platform for expansion and increase business profits. Metro Ethernet is very cost effective and has services that are much faster than broadband services that are currently available and are in great demand by business customers.


BWA (Broadband Wireless Access)

PT Tangara Mitrakom partnership with some of local service providers in Indonesia and in implementation, PT Tangara Mitrakom BWA offers fixed access customer service.

Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) is a high speed access transmission capacity. Terrestrial technology uses BWA NLOS technology, using frequency licenses & Unlicense.

The development of communication technology has evolved from wireline to wireless. Even technological developments wireless tends to be much higher. This condition is supported by the increasing number of requests that access the data in various situations in real time, anywhere, anytime, anyhow



Terrestrial technology using GSM Cellular technology. With a high data rate, it certainly provides comfort in terms of data needs. Besides that, it is supported by a large and almost evenly distributed infrastructure network by all major providers in Indonesia. By bounding system using several cellular provider, deliver high quality by network services.



PT Tangara Mitrakom provides global SD-WAN manage services that marry the nuts and bolt of connectivity and hardware with the benefits of a Software Defined Network. A fully manage virtual service based on our years of experience in demystifying all the pieces of the Internet puzzle. The growth of SD-WAN is driven by the Cloud and the need for Enterprise networks to deliver flexibility, consistently high performance and cost effective. SD-WAN have evoled to the point where the majority of traffic is directly to the Internet. As a result, enterprise with global presence are struggling to meet major challenges: How to cope the higher bandwidth demands; How to optimise Cloud Connectivity; How to manage cost effectively? The challenge are hard to manage using the standard WAN architectures develop over precious decades. WAN architectures based on private, legacy technologies can be a barrier to delivering the optimal user experience for modern business application. Implementing SD-WAN can help business meet these WAN challenges and deliver a range of compelling benefits when deployed effectively.