PT Tangara Mitrakom provide integrated and comprehensive network solutions to expand data telecommunication, voice and multimedia networks for industries and offices located in various locations or move by satellite based serries.

We experience in providing reliable infrastructure services, features innovative quality and supported with customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Satellite Dish for Telecommunications


VSAT telecommunication service that uses Hub Station as a network control center for VSAT terminals onsite.
Satellite communication service with star topology and TDM / TDMA transmission technology with Hub Station share, VSAT IP is perfect for centralized database-based applications such as: Banking and Financial Systems, Oil and Mining, Plantation.

Mobile Satelit4

Mobile Satellite

Mobile Satellite is one of service that offers broadband data with simultaneous, single and concise voice.
Mobile Satellite terminals can be used inside or outside the room, it is also sufficient to survive in extreme weather and environment. Neither is used for VPN, SMS or ISDN access.



VSAT telecommunications service that connects fixed clear channel data and or voice communications  between two or more locations (point to point or point to multipoint). VSAT SCPC does not require a Hub Station and with point to point communication lines it can provide high-speed transmission data up to 2 Mbps or 8 Mbps. So the VSAT SCPC is very suitable to be used as a backbone link with high traffic for data, voice, fax or video conferencing.


VSAT Maritime

PT Tangara Mitrakom cooperated with Singapore Telecommunication (Singtel) on September 9th 2015 to get potential customers in Indonesia for using the products and services of Singtel of Maritime Product. We are glad to have the opportunity to host you and provide you a good understanding of the products and solutions that improve your business efficiency and save costs.

Singtel is a leading provider of Satellite Broadband and VSAT and offers global coverage and versatility across platforms with our FSS C- band and MVSAT Ku-band for both regional and global routes, offering Fleetbroadband to suit business and crew needs


VSAT Internet

PT Tangara Mitrakom has partnership with Internet Service Provider (ISP), providing internet access service through a satellite network in the form of VSAT Internet.