Power Solution

Power Solution is the ability to: store, create and save energy.

1. Save Energy : Efficient Use of Energy. Product examples:

  • Changing the lighting from “conventional” to “LED”.
  • Air Purification
  • Power Saver
    Airco Saver is a control unit that integrates intelligence into simple AC unit (LOCAL) and improves overall efficiency.

2. Store Energy : Saving Energy in certain capacities. Product examples:

  • VRLA Battery
  • Lithium Battery
  • Car Battery


BATTERY POWER SYSTEM Solution Provision includes:

  • Battery Provision
  • Delivery
  • Integration and Testing
  • Warranty and Maintenance

3. Create Energy : Generating Electricity as a new source of renewable and clean energy. Product examples:

  • Solar Cell
  • MHP
  • Gas Power Plant
  • Biomass
  • Wind Turbine

Solar Cell

An electrical device that converts solar energy into electricity by using photovoltaic effect, solar module is used to capture energy from sunlight.

Solar powered BTS

To provide communication solutions in remote areas, we often have to provide an independent power source for each site. Our solution is the Off-grid Solar Power Systems. This solution can cover an area of more than 600 sites, totaling around 150KWp.


Solar Power Plant

Responding to the increasing demands for electricity, TM collaborates with experienced partners to provide a solar power solution.


ATM Container

The ATM Container (Solar Cell Energy) product is a solution that can deliver electricity through the utilizations of sunlight, collected through solar modules and forwarded to the ATM production equipment, VSAT devices, air conditioners and lighting. The energy can also be stored during the day and supplied to the above production equipments after sunset.